Poinsettia plants will NOT kill your cat dead!

We’ve all heard it! If you see your cat munching on a Poinsettia plant around the holidays, drop everything, cancel the party, and rush her to the ER! She’s been poisoned and could die!

Take a breath. You could cancel the party if you want. Your friends will be mad.

I hear you throw nice parties.

With lots of festive plants in the house.

You still can!poinsettia cat poison

Just a legend – Poinsettia plants are actually NOT toxic, but an irritant. Sure, like most plants, if your cat chews a leaf, she’ll throw up on the lightest colored furniture you have. The leaves can irritate the mouth and throat, causing the cat to salivate a bit… always fun when company’s coming. Then she’ll be fine and wonder why you’re freaking out.

Right before the guests arrive.

But she won’t die. She eats the leaves, pukes them up, and we’re done. No poisons are in these plants that will kill her.

Now, to be clear, if she eats an ENTIRE plant, or if your dog eats the plant AND the pot AND the cute ribbon on the pot, we have a problem. Not because it’s poisonous, but because that’s a LOT of stuff the digestive tract will try to push through, and it might get stuck along the way. If your dog or cat eats the ribbon on the pot, that is a much bigger deal and may require surgery!

Good news is, poinsettia plants do not taste THAT good for pets to want to consume them for a meal.

So keep the plants out of your cat’s reach to avoid the vomit. And if she chews on it, clean up the vomit and move on.

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