Using this Blog

I’m glad you’re here! Some rules we need to say, to make sure everyone stays friends.

This blog is written by me, a veterinarian. It’s my approach to cases, my take on diseases, my bad jokes, etc. There are often many “right” ways to practice medicine. If what I say does not 100% match what your vet or the specialist tells you, don’t tell your vet she doesn’t know what she’s doing! We can all be right! Depending on when we graduated vet school, and which school we attended, we may have been trained in different ways, both correct, to treat a case. My way isn’t the only way.

One example: I graduated from University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 2004. One of the many things researchers at the university have done is develop a certain sedative/anesthetic drug. So guess what – we trained in anesthesia using this drug often. When I talk to vets who graduated from other schools, they are not trained using that particular drug as much as other drugs. It’s a good drug. There are a LOT of good drugs out there. No right or wrong choice. Just how, where, and when we were trained.

And of course, this blog is intended to be a supplement to the care your veterinarian provides for your pet. I can’t diagnose or recommend personalized treatments for individual patients unless I have examined them. In real life.

And yes, this blog has ads. I have no say over which ads run, so do not interpret them as any kind of endorsement of one product over another. The ads cover the costs of maintaining this blog.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog! I know there are many websites out there. I appreciate your readership!

Karen Louis DVM, MS

vet getting kissed

Me with Linus, my blind dog, getting photo-bombed and kissed by my foster dog!