Pet Rumors? Fact Check!

Rumors, myths, and urban legends exist in every aspect of life, but when it comes to pet care, there are some doozies! Often they have been passed from person to person, and because we’ve heard them from a variety of sources, we take them as gospel truth.

For example, by now we (hopefully) know that, when house-training a puppy, rubbing their nose in the “accident” is not only just gross, but actually counter-productive. (Whoever thought that was a good idea back in the 60’s may have been under an influence of some kind?).

Each link goes to a brief article explaining the details behind it:

Canned cat food will not make your cat obese – actually the opposite!

Coconut oil does not have magic powers. Sorry.

Is it safe to put ice in your dog’s water? YES!

Poinsettia plants will NOT kill your cat dead – although she will vomit.

Are Greenies safe to eat? Now they are!

Baby bunnies (and other wildlife) will not be abandoned after you put them back in the nest, so please do!

Cannabis, CBD’s, hemp, and medical marijuana – what’s legal, what’s real?

You are not the alpha dog – the myth of dominance

Vitamin and mineral supplements can do more harm than good

You CAN share turkey with your pet on Thanksgiving! Here’s how

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