My pet is sick – and his blood tests were perfect? What a blood panel shows!

This happens quite often: I’ll see a sick dog or cat, run a general blood profile… and it comes back 100% normal. Your pet could be coughing, not eating, throwing up, or just not himself. Whatever the reason, something isn’t right, and you’re disappointed that the blood tests that were ran didn’t give us a […]

How to pick the best CBD product for your pet

I get asked about CBD products almost every day. There’s a lot of claims being made online about the myriad diseases it can treat, and every website claims their product is the best. How do you pick the right one? How do you avoid getting scammed? Unfortunately…. it’s hard. Shopping for a CBD oil, treats, […]

How to make your own first aid kit for pets

I have many clients ask about first aid kits for pets, and if they should buy one. Honestly, you can easily gather these items yourself! Whether you actually put it together and call it a kit, or just make sure you have these items in your house, it’s always good to be prepared! In many […]

Getting your dog used to seeing you in a mask

As veterinary clinics around the country consider opening back up to letting owners in the building in the coming months, the next step will likely be the requirement of the owner to wear a mask or face covering during the visit. Of course, this will vary based on your state, region, local VMA’s, and the […]

My dog’s nose is warm and dry – checking temperatures the right way

Quite often I’ll be discussing the symptoms of a dog or cat, and the owner tells me, with very much concern, that the nose feels dry. Or that their nose is warm. Basically, if the nose deviates from cool and wet, it’s cause for the owner’s concern. I’d like to relieve any anxiety and dispel […]

Our cats are NOT loving “Shelter-in-place”

With many people working from home, kids being home from school, and the whole schedule changing, many cats have had their routines turned upside down. Eventually we will try to return to “normal” life, whatever that will be like, but how can we help our cats adjust? While dogs might think it’s cool that their […]

5 things about male dogs every owner needs to know

It sounds weird, but sometimes we joke that male dogs need to come with an owner’s manual. There are weird things that often surprise, confuse, and even panic people! Here’s the top 5 facts every owner of a boy dog should know. 1 – Smegma It’s a great scrabble word. And it results in one […]

“My dog had a stroke!” – It’s probably Vestibular syndrome

Nothing is more scary than waking up one day to see your senior dog walking in circles, head tilted to the side. Sometimes these dogs won’t eat, or will even be throwing up. You’re thinking it’s the end. The symptoms present like a stroke would be in a person, and you know those are bad. […]

The grey area between benign and cancerous masses on dogs

Every day I have an owner show me a lump on their dog and express concern about what it is. Fortunately, the vast majority of these masses are cysts, skin tags, lipomas, or other non-threatening growths, much to the relief of the owner. Occasionally, a lump will be cancerous, and then of course we have […]

Should you buy pet insurance? 4 things you should know about pet health insurance

I am asked this question often. Unfortunately, it’s typically after I’ve diagnosed some condition requiring $2,000 surgery, or extensive hospitalization. These are the times it’s too late. But pet insurance does have a place. I’m not going to tell you which company, or what policy, but tell you generally how pet insurance works, and you […]

Why scaling your dog’s teeth at home is a bad idea

We’ve all heard that the best way to maintain our dog’s (or cat’s) dental health is to brush their teeth daily. Yet, how many of us really do it? *crickets chirping* Some owners will then see the yellow/brown tartar buildup on their dog’s teeth. There are many dental scalers you can buy online, and it […]

Why is it so expensive to get my pet’s teeth cleaned?

With dental disease being one of the most common pet diseases in the country, I often find myself recommending dental cleanings to clients. When I tell them it could be $400- $1000 (depending on how much of a mess the mouth is) some people are shocked. Well, cleaning teeth on a dog or cat is […]

Itchy dog or cat lately? You are not alone!

This past month I have met more itchy animals than I have in years! The kiddos with the usual seasonal allergies are extra flared up. Even worse, pets who don’t normally get itchy are scratching and rubbing like crazy. What is happening? This time of year, allergens are typically at their worst (at least here […]

Turmeric/Curcumin – Can it really treat inflammatory conditions?

Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, has gotten a lot of credit over the past few years. Can it really help with arthritis pain? Or is it more placebo effect? I looked at the research. Not what the salesperson says, or what the companies selling it say. I looked at studies that were at least […]

Glucosamine and Chondroitin Supplements – Myth, Magic, or somewhere in the Middle??

We’ve all seen ads online for various joint supplements that claim they transformed a dog’s life, bringing it from barely mobile to running and playing in the yard. The mainstay of these is often two common ingredients: glucosamine and chondroitin. It is often alleged that they help treat arthritis pain. Arthritis, and therefore, pain, involve […]

Grain free dog food in the news…AGAIN

Last summer I wrote an article about the grain free dog food fad. Word was getting out that many of these foods are linked to a specific kind of heart failure that was killing dogs. It was on the national news!  Dog owners were worried, asking questions. Here’s last year’s article about grain free food […]

My veterinarian says my dog has mild anemia – now what?

As a house call veterinarian, I treat a lot of senior pets, so therefore I run a lot of senior bloodwork. Every so often the blood results on a seemingly healthy older dog comes back with one abnormality – anemia. What is it, and how worried are we? Like everything else in medicine…it depends on […]

From diarrhea to… nothing? What’s going on?

“My cat had diarrhea, the vet treated it, and there’s no poop in the litter box.” “We treated my dog’s diarrhea, and she hasn’t pooped in 3 days. When do I worry?” These are common questions that I get asked a lot. What’s going on? First of all, don’t panic. It is actually quite common […]