Pet Food Recalls

This page lists American recalls on pet foods and products. The most recent ones will appear at the top. The link will take you to the FDA recall or other press release for all the details. Of course, massive recalls on a national level will be on the main page. Still, lots of little recalls you just don’t hear about!

Often it is a single batch or lot being recalled, not the whole line, so click the link to get the details before panicking!


March 21, 2017 – Barnsdale Pig Ears – Salmonella

(I personally recommend never having pigs ears in your house. they commonly contain salmonella, and if you look closely on the package, it often states to wash hands after contact. Why is that??)

March 17, 2017 – Wellness 95% Beef topper for dogs – concern of excess thyroid hormone

Blue Buffalo Wilderness  – concern of excess thyroid hormone

Feb 17, 2017 – Against the Grain and Evangers Hunk of Beef for the drug pentobarbitol found in food

January 4, 2017 – Certain batches of 9Lives, Special Kitty, and EverPet canned cat food – Low Vitamin B1

October 9, 2016 – Cesar Classics, Filet Mignon flavor – Possible pieces of plastic

June 1, 2016 – Blue Buffalo Fish and Sweet Potato – possible mold

May 12, 2016 – Hill’s Science Diet Tender Chunks cat food – Possible high iron content

March 26, 2016 – Smallbatch Pets Inc. Frozen Dog Duckbatch Sliders – Possible Salmonella and Listeria

March 18, 2016 – Fromm canned dog food pate – too much vitamin D

March 9, 2016 – Purina Beneful Prepared Meal Tubs – possible insufficient vitamins and minerals

Jan 28, 2016 – Carnivore Meat Company Chicken Patties – concerns of Salmonella

Jan 5, 2016 – Big Dog Natural chicken supreme foods – concerns of Listeria and Salmonella

Dec 21, 2015 – Stella and Chewy’s Dinner Morsels – both dog and cat varieties – contain Listeria

Nov 30, 2015 – Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Chews Bone – possible Salmonella

Nov 10, 2015 – Blue Buffalo Kitty Yums cat treats – contain propylene glycol and cause potentially fatal kidney failure.

Oct 5, 2015 – K9Kraving Chicken Patties – only in Maryland – risk of Salmonella and Listeria

Sept 30, 2015 – Salix Animal Health Good-N-Fun Beefhide chicken sticks – risk of Salmonella

Sept 28, 2015 – OC RAW Dog Raw Frozen Dog Food – risk of Salmonella

Sept 22, 2015 – I and Love and You Beef Strips – risk of Salmonella

Aug 10, 2015 – Northwest Farm Food – Raw cat food – risk of salmonella

July 24, 2015 – Natures Variety Instinct – Raw Chicken formula – risk of Salmonella

July 4, 2015 – Stella and Chewy’s Freeze-dried Dinner Patties – risk of Listeria

July 2, 2015 – Boulder Dog Food Company Turkey Sprinkles – risk of Salmonella

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